Academic Transcription

Transcribing your own research interviews can be incredibly time consuming, so outsourcing your transcription work is a cost effective way to free up your time to work on analysis.  Our team of transcribers have years of experience in many different fields of academic study/research. We will always strive to allocate your work to a transcriber with specific experience in your area.

Event Transcription

AGMs and conferences can be lengthy and detailed, so recording and transcribing the event is a cost-effective and accurate method of creating an official record.  Our clients often utilise our overnight service, so they have an accurate and professional document ready for easy distribution. We ensure our service is quick and precise, and our booking system stress-free.

HR Transcription

We have worked with many HR departments and organisations to transcribe disciplinary and grievance hearings.  During these meetings note taking can be distracting and an inefficient use of time, as is spending hours afterwards writing up the notes. Our quick and efficient service can save you time when preparing for employee tribunals.  You can also be sure you have permanent word-for-word record of these important interviews, meetings or phone calls, transcribed by an impartial and independent third party. 

Medical Transcription

We ensure our medical transcribers have several years’ experience in their field, and that they adhere to our strict confidentiality policy.  We understand that accuracy and confidentiality are absolutely vital in the world of medical transcription. Our transcribers strive to deliver a high standard of quality and accuracy, and ensure they fully research relevant drug names and terminology in your field.

Legal Transcription

We work with legal professionals including solicitors, barristers, insurance firms and management consultants.  Whether you are a sole practitioner or larger firm, we provide an on-demand service which is confidential and secure – at a faction of the cost of using in-house secretarial staff. 

Our team of legal transcribers can produce your letters, statements, attendance notes and court documents, all right here in the UK . We have transcribers with experience in employment law, family law, clinical negligence, commercial property law and personal injury.

Media Transcription

We can provide transcripts of YouTube videos, radio content or any other online interviews, videos or broadcasts.

Including a transcript with your podcast is invaluable for the deaf or hard of hearing.  It is also great for the SEO of your website, as Google loves fresh new and relevant content.  The transcript can be used as a basis to cut and paste into your blog or website, it can be converted into subtitles or emailed to your customers and followers.

You can upload your transcripts straight to YouTube for subtitling and offer a downloadable podcast transcript.  Transcripts can be sent to the press for access to accurate quotes and data.

Market Research Transcription

We have vast experience of transcribing focus groups for our clients in market research.  Wherever possible we try and identify the speakers by names, or numbers, or at least identify male or female speakers.

Our clients also like that our transparent rate system means our rates do not change for multiple speakers, which simplifies their transcription budget. All inaudible are time stamped, and we also time stamp once a page. As focus groups inevitably will have more inaudibles and overspeaking, this helps the clients to skim through the transcript themselves and fill in some blanks.