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 We provide professional audio transcription services to universities and businesses in the UK. We produce accurate transcription of interviews, meetings, focus groups, presentations, lectures, speeches, phone calls and conference calls.

We have a range of turnaround options and transcription rates to suit your budget and your deadline and your transcription work will only be carried out in the UK by experienced audio transcribers with English as their mother tongue. We are one of just a handful of the digital audio transcription companies here in the UK who do not outsource to other countries.

How it works


Record your interview or meeting in a quiet room on a digital recording device or mobile phone.

Read our Digital Recording Tips.


Send us your audio file via our secure and confidential online booking system.

Read our Confidentiality Policy.



We transcribe your audio file and email your Word transcript to you within your deadline.

See our Standard Transcript Template.

Find out more about our service by reading the Frequently Asked Questions on our rates page.


We know you value confidentiality, regardless of your industry.  We make sure your audio files and transcripts are kept secure and confidential.
Our team of transcribers are completely UK based and have all signed confidentiality agreements prior to starting work with us.

Your audio files are 256-bit encrypted during transfer through our online system and your account will be password protected and no one will know your password but you.

We can provide you with a signed non-disclosure agreement on request, or sign any confidentiality agreement you may wish to provide.

For further information regarding how we comply with GDPR legislation, please read our Privacy Policy.


Happy Clients

“The staff I dealt with were very friendly and I was impressed with the flexibility of their transcription services.

Lisa, University Student

” Having used many transcription services over the years – that yours has been exceptional in its accuracy and professionalism throughout the project. 

Helen B, University Research Associate

“PageSix provide an accurate and confidential transcription service time and time again.”

James, Events Company

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