Transcription Rates


Our Transcription Rates and Turnaround Options

Our transcription rates are simple and transparent and are based on the turnaround you require.
We don’t charge more for multiple speakers; our transcription rates are the same regardless of the content of your audio.

There is an additional charge of 20p per audio minute if you wish to provide your own transcript template. 

The following transcription prices are quoted as per audio minute. All transcription rates/prices quoted are subject to VAT at the standard rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer discounts for larger jobs or regular work?

We offer a 10% discount for large projects of 20 audio hours or more.

Is there a minimum charge?

There is no minimum charge and we bill per audio minute sent so you only pay for the work done and not the time taken to complete the transcription. On your invoice each audio file will be rounded up to the nearest audio minute.

When do I pay?

We will email your itemised invoice to you at the end of the project and our payment terms are 14 days from the invoice date. We prefer payment by BACS but will accept a cheque or PayPal payments.

Do your rates include VAT?

Our rates are not inclusive of VAT. VAT will be added to your final invoice at the standard 20% rate.

How long does it take to transcribe an hour of audio?

It takes a good transcriber approximately five hours to transcribe and quality check an hour of clear multi-speaker audio. It will take longer if the quality of the audio provided is poor.

What audio formats will you accept?

We can work with almost any audio format and using our online booking process you can securely upload your digital audio files. 

Who are your transcribers?

We only use UK based audio transcribers who have English as their mother tongue. All transcribers have passed our grammar test and audio tests and have signed and adhere to our  Non-Disclosure Agreement.

How will I receive the transcript?

We will email you the completed transcript in a Word document. We can also encrypt the completed transcripts to provide a secure service, please contact us for further information.

What is your transcription style?

Our transcription style is ‘intelligent verbatim’. Please indicate on the booking form if you require ‘fully verbatim’.  We time stamp every page of your transcript for easy reference.

What does 'intelligent verbatim' and 'fully verbatim' mean?

‘Intelligent verbatim’ transcripts omit ‘ums’ and ‘ers’ and other fillers such as interviewers constantly saying ‘yeah’ and ‘ah ha’ while the respondent is talking. This produces an accurate transcript which is also readable. ‘Fully verbatim’ means completely word for word and every utterance, pause, cough, etc is transcribed. This is mainly used for police interviews and legal transcripts as they are very detailed. ‘Intelligent verbatim’ transcript are usually required for more general business or academic use.


What happens if the transcriber cannot make out some words?

The transcriber will replace the word with an explanation such as (inaudible) or (overspeaking). The more keywords and speaker names you can provide the better and if possible a link to a website which will give the transcriber some background information would also be useful.

What if I have audio files which are really poor quality?

We will tackle poor quality audio as best we can but please be aware that the transcripts may not be as detailed or accurate as a result. If we feel that an audio file is of such poor quality that you will not get any benefit at all from the transcript then we will advise you before we start the work. Please refer to our booking terms and conditions for further information.

What if I am not happy with the quality of the transcripts?

If you find any errors we will amend and thoroughly check through the transcript once more. We guarantee excellent accuracy and strive to produce high quality and beneficial transcripts which are fully quality checked before being returned to you.

How do you ensure confidentiality?

We are happy to provide each client with a non-disclosure agreement and we also ensure that all information relating to each project is responsibly destroyed within 60 days of the end of the project. Your audio files will never leave the UK as we do not outsource to other countries. Our upload system also gives you access to a password protected account and only you will know the password.

Can you provide references and testimonials?

We have a number of quotes from clients on our website but are also very happy to provide you with additional testimonials and full references if required. Please contact us by phone or email at any time.