Academic Transcription


What is the benefit of outsourcing your academic transcription work?

Transcribing your own research interviews can be incredibly time consuming, so outsourcing your academic transcription work is a cost effective way to free up your time to work on analysis. A professional transcriber will transcribe one hour of average quality audio in around four hours, and that’s with the use of a foot pedal to speed things up. So you can imagine the transcription process can be slow and frustrating for anyone who isn’t quite as proficient at audio typing.

Who will be transcribing your academic research?

Our team of transcribers have years of experience in many different fields of academic study/research such as education, psychology, social policy, law, business, medicine, and many more. We will always strive to allocate your work to a transcriber with specific experience in your area.

Can your transcripts be formatted for Nvivo?

Although we have our own standard transcript template, we can make your life easier by transcribing in your required format. Many clients request formatting to suit NVivo software, just let us know your specific requirements, or create a template for us to use. Free of charge!

What types of academic content can we transcribe?

We can help with any type of transcription work including:
Research Interviews
Academic/Education Interviews
Group Discussions
Thesis/Dissertation Research
Dictated Notes

How long will it take and what are the costs?

We offer a range of turnarounds from 24 hours to 14 days.  Unlike a lot of transcription companies, we don’t charge more for poor quality or for multiple speakers; our rates are the same regardless of the content of your audio or the format of your transcripts. We transcribe in an intelligent verbatim style, unless fully verbatim is specifically requested. We also include a time stamp on all inaudibles and once a page.

Please see our rates page.

How do we ensure confidentiality?

Our team of audio transcribers are entirely UK-based and they have all signed confidentiality agreements prior to starting work with us. We can provide you with a confidentiality agreement on request, or sign one you may wish to provide.

Please see our Privacy Policy for more information on GDPR.

How will you receive the transcript?

We will email you the completed transcript in a Word document. We can also encrypt the completed transcripts to provide a secure service, please contact us for further information.

What is our transcription style?

Our transcription style is ‘intelligent verbatim’. Please indicate on the booking form if you require ‘fully verbatim’. If our format does not meet your requirements then we are happy to talk through formatting styles with you at no additional cost. We time stamp every page of your transcript for easy reference.

What does ‘intelligent verbatim’ and ‘fully verbatim’ mean?

‘Intelligent verbatim’ transcripts omit ‘ums’ and ‘ers’ and other fillers such as interviewers constantly saying ‘yeah’ and ‘ah ha’ while the respondent is talking. This produces an accurate transcript which is also readable. ‘Fully verbatim’ means completely word for word and every utterance, pause, cough, etc is transcribed. This is mainly used for police interviews and legal transcripts as they are very detailed. ‘Intelligent verbatim’ transcript are usually required for more general business or academic use.