Our clients expect confidential transcription. We know our clients regard confidentiality as one of the most important factors when selecting a transcription provider, and so we ensure we keep your audio files and your transcripts completely secure and confidential.


  • Our team of experienced transcribers are based completely in the UK, They come from a variety of professional backgrounds and are used to handling sensitive audio files and transcripts.  Every transcriber signs a confidentiality agreement prior to starting work.
  • To aid us in providing confidential transcription our transcription management system is 256-bit encrypted and securely password protected.  You set your own account password and no one will know this password but you. So you can feel safe in the knowledge that your confidential files are kept safe.
  • We can provide a non-disclosure agreement or we are equally happy to sign any client-specific agreement you may wish to provide.
  • If you have any queries regarding our confidential transcription pledge, or need additional support or information regarding the security of your files, please feel free to contact us directly via email or telephone to discuss your concerns.


Read our GDPR Privacy Policy.